About YESolution®

YESolution® is the key to more quality of life as you can change all those things in your life that really drain your energy and make you feel bad. Negative emotions don’t stand a chance anymore if you work with this method. 

YESolution® was developed by Michaela and Berndt Philipp and their first ideas formed over 20 years ago. Over the decades, their ideas matured and what started out as a passion project quickly became a life mission. Due to their many years of coaching experience, both Michaela and Berndt have tried out many different methods and techniques, always looking for ways to grow. They stumbled across many brilliant methods and the two of them dedicated themselves to build on that brilliance by developing a truly one-of-a-kind tool: YESolution®. With YESolution® you now have the chance to sustainably rid yourself of all your negative emotions!

Meditation, mindfulness and autogenic training

You practice meditation, mindfulness or autogenic training? YESolution® is a great next step! YESolution® is a way to accept and then to let go of all those things in your life that may be preventing you from experiencing your greatness.

Even if you don’t practice one of these methods, with YESolution® you can change your life for the better. The simplest way to start is with our online course, where you will learn everything you need to know to start working with YESolution® right away.

Your next step

The key to this positive change is tuning into negative feelings in your body and then communicating with your subconscious to release them. Our subconscious communicates through sensations we feel in our body. Thus, by stepping into a dialogue with your subconscious you can change negative emotions into something positive.

How it works

You can learn the YESolution® method with our online course or by attending one of our 1-day workshops with a certified trainer.

Or you can book a personal YESolution® coaching session with one of our certified trainers. You decide what works best for you!


Quality is one of our highest priorities at YESolution®. Decades of coaching experience, research and testing different methods and techniques has brought YESolution® to where it is today. We’ve put our heart and soul into this! We want you to reap the fruits of this labor, so we’ve put the essentials of what you need to know into our online course. Of course, our highly qualified and dedicated coaches are here to support you in the best possible way.

YESolution® is not for everyone. Before purchasing the course, please check out our free test to find out whether YESolution® is for you.

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