Fear of exams

Does even just the thought of an exam make you nervous? A fear of exams has many consequences. For example:

  • You procrastinate your studying,
  • find all sorts of excuses,
  • always have something better to do,
  • move your exam to the last possible moment,
  • can barely sleep.

These are all signs that you have an active negative program. This program connects the exam with negative emotions and wants to protect you from this uncomfortable situation. So why do we have these negative programs and how can we get rid of them? You can find out in our Online Course.

YESolution® for exam stress

YESolution® assumes that a negative program is active when you’re afraid of an exam. Just the thought of the exam alone may be enough to trigger the negative program. These programs develop randomly through the experiences that we have and can also be passed on by imitation learning. This means that you either had a negative experience yourself with an exam in the past or the fear of exams was passed on to you by a significant person in your life.

It could also be that your fear of exams is a hidden fear of being tested or not being able to recall what you studied. You may not be aware of what it is that is causing this fear but it is still preventing you from being relaxed and performing well at your exam.

Mit YESolution gegen Prüfungsangst

Our body has the solution

When in an exam situation or even just thinking of an exam may trigger this negative program. As soon as that happens, we are at the mercy of the program and can no longer choose how to behave. You are no longer concentrated while studying and may even forget what you have already learned. The program “plays” with you like a marionette.

You may feel different kinds of so-called “dissonances” like a pounding heart, a bad feeling in your stomach, shaky legs, fear, etc. With YESolution® you will use these sensations and thoughts to get rid of your fear of exams permanently.

An exam situation implies a lot of stress for many of us.

When we are confronted with such a draining situation, our body switches on ancient defense mechanisms. We recognize these mechanisms as fight, flight or playing dead. When these mechanisms are active, chemical changes take place in our body and mind: it is more important to react quickly and instinctively than to be creative or cognitively reproduce study materials. Our neural system changes measurably and we can in fact no longer access what we learned. If we can manage to signal to our body that an exam does not pose a threat, we can concentrate again and perform with confidence during the exam.

We can achieve this with YESolution®!