Negative emotions disappear.

"With YESolution® , your negative emotions disappear so that you can live your fullest, most authentic and unburdened life."

— Michaela And Berndt Philipp


Your Emotion.

Are you stressed? Are you unsure about an important decision you have to make? Maybe you have a fear of heights, dogs, spiders or exams? Or maybe you are struggling with your partner, your boss or your kids?


Your Solution.

Get rid of negative emotions for good. You can use YESolution® anytime, anywhere and completely independently of anyone else. YESolution® is easy to work with and offers immediate and sustainable results.


Easy, efficient, sustainable.

YESolution®  is easy to learn, practical to apply, efficient to use, and sustainable in its results.

Our years of coaching experience

Our trained coaches and trainers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland


Vanished negative emotions

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